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The THRIVE Sessions

Embark on a journey of discovery into the limiting beliefs that stop you from moving forward. The THRIVE Sessions Part 1 will teach you how to shift your mindset and go from existing to being Joyful, Thriving, and ALIVE-ing!

Have you ever struggled in achieving goals?  When life's unexpected surprises come your way, do they take you out of the game and leave you disempowered and suffering?  Are you ready to empower yourself to be Joyful, Thriving, and Alive-ing in any situation? Then this is the course for you!  


This six-session weekly course will assist you in discovering your inner power to shift your mindset and thrive in any area of your life.  This is what our six-week journey will look like:

  • Week 1: Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the Emotional Scale

  • Week 2: Discuss Emotions, Feelings, Values, and Choice 

  • Week 3: Learn how to become aware of your limiting thoughts and beliefs 

  • Week 4: Reframe your limiting thoughts and beliefs

  • Week 5: Discuss Values and Goal Alignment

  • Week 6: Learn tips for increasing your EQ

The course starts on Wednesday, August 2nd, and goes through September 6th.

Click "Register Today" to begin your journey to being Joyful, Thriving, and Alive-ing!

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