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Rave Reviews


The THRIVE Sessions were artfully put together and delivered in a fun and interactive way by Patricia.  I can tell she loves what she is doing and really enjoys supporting the participants to get what they want out of the program.  I especially enjoyed the beginning part of the course learning about the Emotional IQ.  Thank you, Patricia, for a wonderful, heart led program!

Jason Winfrey

Intuitive Artist


The course was so professional!  I am excited about using and applying what I learned to monitor my thoughts.  What I got out of the course is that now I am eating healthier.  You the bomb!

Cristina Apodaca
Mental Health Therapist  
Public Speaker, DEBx


I am glad I made the decision to participate in the Thrive sessions. I did so to manage my stress. I grew in my capacity to experience all forms of emotions relating to stress and not thinking they were bad. It helped not only to recognize what was happening but gave me a path to change it. I am much happier now.

Thank you, Patricia. You are amazing!

Gil Gido
Sr. Program Manager


The issue I brought to the course was my block to creativity.  Now, I not only have a list of projects that I'm excited to start, but I've also already completed four of them!!!
An unexpected result has been the ability to think up and work on new habits!  However, the overall surprise is the lack of feeling guilty, that "I'm 'not good enough" or being stopped by not knowing "how".  Thrive is totally worth it and Patricia is a master!

Leslie O'Toole

Just Do It!

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